„Swans” Riverside Apartments Regulations

Using the services of the „Swans” Riverside Apartments in Kiermusy is synonymous with the acceptance of the regulations.

• The property is intended for short-term rental of rooms.
• Rooms are rented for the day.
• The rental period runs from 14:00 until 12:00
• There is a manager on site, responsible for contacts with guests and proper functioning of the facility.
• Room keys are given after the payment for the whole rental period. It is possible to pay by cash, Visa or MasterCard.
• All guests are required to complete a guest registration card and provide Identification (ID). Data is stored for the duration of the contract.
• The property is only available to guests who are renting rooms. Other people's visits should be agreed with the Manager.
• Smoking and using open fire is strictly prohibited on the property. There is a place for smokers on the porch of the mansion, in front of the entrance.
• Monitoring. The object - common parts and the area around it, are monitored. Recordings are used only for security purposes.
• Children can stay in Stanica only under the supervision of parents or guardians.
• Curfew is from 22:00 to 07: 00.
• Guests with pets bear full responsibility for them. Dogs should always be on a leash on the property area. During breakfast the animals remain in the room.
• There are cats and dogs living in the mansion. Care should be taken when dealing with animals.
• Guests are adviced to lock the door when leaving the room.
• When leaving the property, Guests take their keys with them. The key set includes a key that opens the entrance door to the mansion.
• Guests are responsible for their belongings left on the area of the mansion.
• The terrace doors are closed for the night, the key remains in the lock.
• Breakfast is served in the lounge from 8:30 to 10:30. Other hours should be agreed with the Manager.
• Rooms are cleaned every day. Guests may cancel their cleaning service by informing the Manager.
• Campfire can be organized only in a specially prepared area, after consulting the Manager. The service is additionally paid.
• Guests will be responsible for any damage caused to the mansion.
• All rooms in the building marked with a sign "Private" are not available for Guests.

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