A living room and a terrace

In the 19th century, all guests and occupants of the manor houses were gathering together in the living room and they were warming up by the fire during cold days. They were talking, playing musical instruments or listening to the read-aloud stories. Men were playing cards, women were embroidering, and adolescents were having a long private disputes while enjoying the cosiness of the sofas. We spared no effort to recreate such atmosphere while decorating and furnishing our living room in Apartments and, as a result, to enable our guests to feel as if time has stopped.

However, we move with the times. If need be, our living room can be transformed into an ideal place for business meetings up to 21st century standards. We offer amplification equipment, projector and the screen.

During warm days, we invite our guests to spend their time on the terrace (150 m2). It is the unique and the only place in which such a beautiful sunrise shrouded in fog may be observed. In the evening, our guests are impressed by the red sun hiding behind the horizon at sunset.

At noon, a sun-filled terrace is a great place for the enthusiasts of sunbathing or angling. A part of the terrace is roofed over so that it protects from sun or rain.

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