"Swans" Riverside Apartments

A few years ago we fell in love with architecture of Podlasie region.
The old wooden houses, respect for surrounding environment, and the harmony between nature and local inhabitants remain a source of our inspiration resulting in the erection of the wooden manor house. We called it "Swans" Riverside Apartments.

In this way, we wanted to relate to traditions of Cossacks’ settlements (stanitsas) which were first built along the rivers three hundred years ago. They served as a place of accommodation for the people who were floating the wood to Gdańsk. Surrounded by fields and meadows, our manor house is located by the oxbow lake of the Narew River.

We offer nine comfortable rooms with bathrooms; and a large living room with spacious terrace from where one can enjoy a breathtaking view on the oxbow lake. One can also observe a flock of swans living among the bulrush.

We invite you to visit our "Swans" Riverside Apartments,
Mira and Jacek Zaremba

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