"Swans" Riverside Apartaments is located in Kiermusy, which is also knows as: The Anchor of Bison and The Polish Gentry Tradition. The Kiermusy offers 120 accommodation places, a couple of meeting halls, stylish banquet halls and places where outdoor parties are held. We do our best to fulfil our guests’ high expectations.

Thanks to the large area and diversity of objects, there is a possibility of resting for many unrelated groups simultaneously.

Karczma Rzym is worth recommending. The restaurant is known for excellent food and drinks in whole Poland.

Karczma Rzym is located in the vicinity of our Apartments. From apartments’ windows stretches a view on a court of noblemen and the castellum built so as to imitate a medieval stronghold.

In summer, the manor house’s swimming pool is available for our guests. However, throughout the whole year it is possible to use a sauna, and visit the Bison Homestead, where some bison live in their natural environment.

To explore and get to know more about Kiermusy, click on the map.

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