Events in "Swans" Riverside Apartments

A manor house for rent.
"Swans" Riverside Apartments is an excellent place for organizing a meeting with friends and family.

We offer spacious living room, which we will arrange and prepare in accordance with the ideas and expectations of our guests. There is not only enough place for having a feast, but also for dancing. The living room is suitable for 20-35 people. If the weather is nice, a celebration on the terrace is possible.

We prepare everything as you wish – menu, music and other attractions. We encourage our guests to family meetings, Christmas or Easter breaks, jubilee celebrations, business parties or other celebrations in their own circle.

In this case, renting the whole "Swans" Riverside Apartments is required.

The costs depend on how many members the renting group would count and how long they would like to stay.

We invite you to visit our "Swans" Riverside Apartments.

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