What to sightsee

Podlasie region is unique not only because of virgin nature but also historic monuments, which are culturally and religiously diversified.
Poles, Belarusians, Tatars and Jews live in Podlasie region.
Historic architecture of Orthodox churches, “Open Shutters Land” Track, ornamental windows and corners of wooden houses – all these have historical and cultural value. The ornamentation, unseen in other regions of Poland, refers to the Russian folk building’s adornment.

Our propositions:
Tykocin, with the second largest synagogue in Poland, Jewish cemetery, statue of Stefan Czarnecki and a baroque church.
Pentowo – the European Stork Village, which counts 26 nests of the white stork
Białystok – the capital city of Podlasie region; here, we can see gothic Branicki Palace with a French garden, Lubomirski Palace, famous town hall, tenements from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and the baroque church of Maria Magdalene
• Icons Museum in Surpaśl
Museum of Podlasie region in Białystok
“Open Shutters Land” Track – in terms of architecture, three unique villages, Trześcianka, Soce and Puchły, are located in a valley of the Narew River.
Museum of the villages in Białystok – an open-air ethnographic museum, gathering together wood architectural monuments and ethnographical items from Białostocki, Łomżański and East Suwałki regions.
Orthodox churches in Jałówka, Topolany, Królowy Most and Gródek We strongly recommend visiting these fantastic places.

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