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The scenic and virgin region of Podlasie provides an array of walking tours and excursions. It is also a perfect place for active leisure pursuits, biking trips, flights with a view, canoeing, hunting or horse riding. Birdmen and anglers can realize their avocation in early mornings. Breathtaking views surprise even the most sophisticated nature photographers.

Some of Podlasie region’s attractions

• Podlasie Storks’ Track

Podlasie Storks’ Track is the longest, 412 km, biking route in Podlasie region, and it belongs to Greenways network in Central and Eastern Europe. The track joins four national parks: Narew, Białowieża, Biebrza and Wigry. It is considered to be unique, because of many storks living there. The fact that the tracks’ road surface is adapted to every kind of a bicycle is worth mentioning

• Narrow-gauge railway track

The narrow-gauge railway is one of the most interesting attractions in the region. It was built in 1916, and from the very beginning its main task was the transport of wood from PuszczaKnyszyńska forests. In the years of its greatness, the narrow-gauge railway was 158 km, but today only 20 km stretch, from CzarnaBiałostocka to Kopna Mountain in Nature Reserve Woronicza, is available for tourists.

• A dog sled riding in Biebrza surrounding

A dog sled riding is an unforgettable experience! A couple of polar dogs are harnessed to a sleigh. The route of this fascinating trip runs through Narwia and Biebrza backwoods. The trip offers a lot of attractions such as playing with the dogs or listening to musher’s stories. But the aim of the excursion is to meet a deer, a king of the marsh.

Other attractions:

• Podlasie region from a bird’s-eye view
• rafting and canoeing down the Biebrza River
• Skiing in the Kresy region
• Sleigh ride in the Kresy region

Guests of Łabędzie Riverside Apartments can always count on our help and support in choosing and organizing a particular attraction. There is a possibility of preparing an interesting excursion programme for either individual guests or organized groups. We will provide everything you need, i.e. organization, tour guides, entrance tickets and transport.

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