Attractions in a close neighbourhood

Podlasie region and Kiermusy are ideal places for leisure and relishing virgin nature, culture and region’s customs. PuszczaKnyńska Landscape Park and the Biebrza National Park are in a close neighbourhood.

Each season is a perfect time for visiting "Swans" Riverside Apartments!


In spring everything comes to life. While we are trying to spot swans, we enjoy bright sunlight, and observe how the nature is awakening from its dream. We celebrate Easter in accordance with the tradition of Kresy region. During our bike trips, we are watching for the return of our stork neighbours. It is also a perfect time for long walks and making bonfires.


It’s holiday time! "Swans" Riverside Apartments become a cradle of leisure. From dusk to dawn, long and warm days are overflowed with fun. We are feasting in a moonlight, under the stars. Walking in the forest, we collect raspberries and blueberries, observe the nature and listen to birds’ singing. We go canoeing with a tide of the winding Narew River, however, the Biebrza River is travelled by a raft. Sitting alongside the river’s bank in the morning, we start fishing.


In autumn, we observe how the landscape changes into colourful scenery. Autumn is time for preparing preserves and fruit liqueurs, going mushroom picking, hunting and horse riding. Also, St. Hubert’s Day is held in November. In anticipation of the coming winter, our guests give chase for a fox, and go by bike for last excursions. They bake potatoes in a bonfire.


Despite being harsh, the winter in Podlasie region is the most beautiful. It is perfect time for literature and fruit liqueurs lovers, who sit back by the fireplace. Everybody who experienced a charm of Podlasie region’s winter is welcome to warm up in our hostel. We travel across the snowy neighbourhood using cross-country skis or sleigh. After the sleigh ride, we warm up by the fireplace and a mulled wine.

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