Kiermusy – Apartments in the heart of Podlasie region

Located by oxbow lake of the Narew River, Swans - Riverside Apartments (Stanica Rzeczna Łabędzie) in Kiermusy is a beautiful and stylish manor house with the terrace.

The manor house is a part of Kiermusy region regarded as an anchor of the European bison and the tradition cultivated by gentry.

The prestigious leisure and conference centre offers about 120 places of accommodation. Our hotel and restaurant have been cherished by our guests for many years.

Kiermusy and nearby Tykocin, just like the whole Podlasie region, are located on the crossroads of multifarious cultures and religions. The traces of a rich regional history are visible at every turn. The architectural gems of Kresy region as well as traditions cultivated by various nations await every visitor.

Both Narew and Biebrza National Parks as well as the neighbouring Puszcza Knyńska Landscape Park give innumerable opportunities for having active leisure pursuits in the bosom of nature.

Dive in a virgin purity of nature and experience the atmosphere of previous centuries


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